What we stand for

Do the right thing for company and customer, strive to be the best you can every day. With that being said, the rest will work itself out in the end.

Company objective

To provide our customers a suite of integrated technology products that can be deployed better, faster and at a reduced cost with a single source provider.

Important causes we support

The world is a complicated place. Not everyone gets to open their eyes every day to a world without challenges that some of us would never be able to comprehend.

For that reason we like to “put our money where our mouth is” as they say and have chosen some causes that we find close to our hearts. We currently donate a portion of our profits to these causes every month in hopes we can make someone’s world a better place.  Our corporation has been fortunate to survive for over 15 years with some great people as employees and clients. We celebrate our health and prosperity by sharing some of what we have with those who need it more.

We hope to help bring awareness to these causes and inspire others to do the same. Our children are the most precious gifts we have and the soldiers who protect us and our children are forever in our hearts.

Where we came from

Brandywine Technical Partners Inc, a New Hampshire corporation, has been delivering technology solutions throughout New England and abroad since 2002. Born as an Outsourced MIS Provider in response to the many small and medium sized businesses taking a keen interest in Broadband and server based network systems, we learned quickly that this was just the beginning of a changing technology climate.

After securing a solid customer base throughout 2002 and 2003, we quickly realized that outsourced MIS providers were flooding the market. As major corporations were laying off technical staff members in the wake of a slowing economic climate, “computer guys” were popping up everywhere. We knew if we were going to survive, we had to make ourselves stand out in this crowd. Thus, necessity became our mother of invention and we looked for the next emerging technology, Wireless. By utilizing our existing technology background and years of cabling experience, we quickly jumped ahead of our peers. While continuing to grow our core business, we also found ourselves with a captive audience of hotels, boat marinas, shopping malls and educational campuses, all anxious to stay ahead of their competition with this exciting new product offering.

By 2005 we were pretty exhausted from all the late nights, wireless installs and trips to Nantucket Harbor while also maintaining the outsourced MIS side of the business. We could again see the writing on the wall as wireless “specialists” and “Geek Squads” were proliferating the market . It seemed time for yet another re-invention of the company. This time we heard about an emerging technology that replaced the traditional telephone system and could really change the way a business communicates.

VoIP works over traditional Cat5 data lines, fiber optics AND wireless, utilizing all the network based architectures we had familiarized ourselves with over the years, So this was an obvious “no brainer” for us. As traditional telecom providers clamored to learn about VoIP and re-learn what was now becoming their industry, we quickly walked into a great opportunity to sell products we could learn quickly, deploy and support with minimal effort.

This all began around 2006, and at this point it seemed to us that EVERYTHING was going IP. CCTV camera systems were revolutionizing and Door Access systems , once a dizzying array of serial interfaces and convoluted proprietary dip switches, were now mere mouse clicks and software installations. At this point, it was obvious that what once took many vendors to build with non interlocking stand alone pieces, could now be done easily, affordably and more dependably by a single vendor as one unified product. Imagine, no more finger pointing, no more expensive interfaces to get information between systems, no more costly mutual vendor meets to get multiple support engineers together and work out problems. It was at this point that the true potential of what Brandywine was capable of was truly realized.

By streamlining installation vendors from many to one, we allow ourselves the ability to encompass a larger project base at a lower overall profit margin. Simply removing the redundancies in labor alone can produce a 25%-30% savings. We can do more work, make more money and save our customers equilaterally! All with better products, better stability, better post sale support and a dramatic reduction in long term maintenance cost.

Where we’re going

Heading into 2017 we have mastered our craft with a growing reputation throughout the country. We have deployed services in many of the 48 states in the CONUS as well as abroad in countries such as; Mexico, Turkey, China, Luxemburg, Colombia and others

With SMS/Text, Video and voice rapidly converging into a single service offering, we look forward expanding our technology portfolio and our customer base with exciting new products that will drive productivity and revenues in ways never seen before.